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Souper Power

I explored varieties of salads for lunch starting last winter (see Food Lover’s Cleanse) and into spring and summer with adjustments for seasonal flavors and ingredients. Once September hit and the weather started getting chilly, I pulled out my Diptyque Feus de Bois Candle and began looking up soup recipes.  I stumbled upon this post of 25 low calorie soups by Fitness Magazine. I assumed that since they were “low calorie” they wouldn’t be hearty.  Well not only were they hearty they were totally well seasoned and based on fresh ingredients. Touché Fitness Mag!
I’ve worked my way through the first five- and all were fabulous despite containing some of my lesser favorite ingredients (ahem, cabbage). I used my homemade broth for most of the soups as well as dried beans instead of canned to keep sodium at bay.  So far, I’ve tried these soups and seriously loved each and every one:
  • Lentil, barley and chicken
  • Turkey and white bean chili (my favorite so far)
  • Cabbage and white bean (surprisingly good)
  • Mini meatball & escarole (I should have doubled this one, it was THAT good)
  • Indian vegetable (I went with whole wheat couscous and some fat free Greek yogurt in this one).
I packed them up in cute little mason jars for lunches for the week and then froze whatever was left in freezer bags for next time I don’t feel like cooking.  Another easy prep idea is to make a double batch of the mis en place, then use one batch to make the actual soup and one to freeze in a ziploc baggie for the next time I want to make soup but don’t have the inspiration or time or ingredients at hand.
I’ll update when I work my way through another five soup recipes, but in the meantime, please comment below if you’ve tried any of the others.

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