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Anticipation Station

I hate surprises. It’s actually become a joke with my friends after the baby shower at work in which the decoy was a meeting I supposedly having with the vice dean. I did a ton of prep for the meeting and when I got to the shower I looked around, confused like “really, when is the actual meeting?”

When I was little, I knew where my mom hid the Christmas presents and would unwrap them just enough to see what they were. I still enjoyed receiving and opening them even if not surprised by what they were on Christmas morning.

When there is a new Les Mills Body Pump or Body Combat release coming out, I always check out the reviews, playlist and Google any songs I don’t know well in advance of release date. Most of the time I’ve never heard any of the songs so this research doesn’t really serve me well, yet I continue to do it four times a year.

My monthly stitch fix ritual makes complete sense to me given this history. Each month I get an email from stitch fix that says “Linda, your fix has shipped!” Each month, I immediately go to the stitch fix website and pretend to check out so I can see what the five items are in my fix. I usually Google them to see images of what’s in store for me. I would say a lot of the time the images I find online don’t impress me as much as the actual pieces when they arrive in the mail. I’m more of a solids gal, so generally the patterns scare me a little when I see them online. But so far, I would estimate that 80% of the time I’ve really enjoyed even the patterns once I got them in person. In some cases, it may have been subtle nuances of the pattern (last month had a mixed media sweater with a pattern in a sheer fabric across the front). What I couldn’t see online was the pale pink in the pattern that was stunning when paired with my blush colored skinny jeans. There was an orange shift dress with a steel grey chevron pattern. I assumed this would be way too busy for me to ever consider keeping. Once I tried it on, the soft fabric and beautiful three quarter bell sleeves plus a belt to break it up a little made this dress a keeper.

Yet, month after month I log in, “check out” my soon to arrive fix, and am not overjoyed by the items on their way… only to be pleasantly surprised when they arrive. Wait, did I just say I enjoy the surprise? Or could it be that exceeding my original expectations is pleasing to me?

So here I am anxiously awaiting the Christmas morningish experience of opening my fix when it arrives.  I have previewed my five items and am not excited about any of them. Which means that I will likely love four of the five if my 80-20 rules plays out as it has historically. I asked my stylist specifically for a Moto jacket this fix. This Moto was on the way, but wasn’t quite what a I picturing in my head. A little frumpy maybe? Well, I guess I’ll have to wait and see up close and in person.

As I wrote this post a few different ideas flowed through my head trying to analyze my stated distaste for surprises. I obviously like the element of the pleasant surprise. Is it a need for instant gratification? I don’t think so since I like knowing what is coming but don’t need to have it that moment. Could it be that I truly enjoy the anticipation? Let’s go with that… I’m anxiously anticipating my November fix!

Fast Forward to November 6th
So it came and three of the five were keepers. The two returns were the Moto jacket: the sleeves were made for someone with giraffe arms and was just too baggy in some parts and too lose in others. Plus it was pleather, in a really bad way. Other return was a quite pretty sheer top with a back pleat. The pattern was mauve (strike one) that looked sort of like lace but wasn’t (strike two on lace and lace -looking pattern), the fit was so strange- it was huge in the top (neckline and sleeves) actually perfect on the hips. I am a bit pear shaped but you would have to be pretty broad and well endowed on top to fit properly. The keepers were awesome. I asked specifically for some fun casual wear for my trip to DC over Thanksgiving. I got exactly that! A pair of black high-waisted textured skinny pants that fit perfectly. A nice foundation piece with a little flair in the texture. A cute crew neck sweater with skinny stripes of autumn colors. And a blackish brown, soft thin weave infinity scarf. This last piece was one that I wasn’t excited about during anticipation station    You don’t get much more boring than an infinity scarf in a basic neutral color. But this was gorgeous and perfect weight for fall.

So we hit 3/5 on this fix… Not quite my 80% rule but close enough for me! How about you?  Do you cheat and peek at your fixes before they arrive?


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