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21 Days to a Healthier (and Hotter) Holiday Season

Next month I’m running a special holiday survival boot camp with two other coaches (one of whom is my coach and mentor!). It’s a little different format from my standard group but I think it will be much more appropriate and timely for not only maintaining during the holiday season but  getting more fit and fabulous!

It’s a 21-day accountability, health and fitness challenge (FREE, Secret Group on Facebook) to focus on healthy habits you can adopt, maintain and use to survive the hectic season when it’s easy to skip workouts and overindulge during parties (and find every other excuse not to work out or eat on plan).

We’re starting the group the Monday after Thanksgiving with an optional three day cleanse. This isn’t your typical cleanse… You get to eat real food!!! Think of it as a way to refresh your body after some poor decisions during thanksgiving and get back on track with your nutrition. I’ll be doing it too!

Whether or not you’re cleansing with us you’ll get the fun and support of three amazing coaches (haha, if I do say so myself), the group, and daily tips to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Let me know if you’re interested in (1) joining the holiday survival boot camp and / or (2) would like info on the cleanse.

Let’s do this holiday season!!! December: we’re not your bitches!! ;0

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