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Fit Mom, Fabulous Snacks

Graze, the weekly snack delivery service, is the perfect way for the busy fit Mom to keep a variety of fabulous emergency snacks on hand to grab and go.  My first delivery (last week) gave me the Christmas morning goonies from the packaging to the selection. Here’s a sneak peek.
A few weeks ago, a co-worker showed me his Graze delivery  and I was immediately hooked. The packaging was simple and fabulous. The four snacks in the box were neatly individually packed and consisted of super creative combos without being weird. I immediately took his referral code and logged into the Graze website. I learned that by using his referral code I would get my 1st and 5th box free. Score! The individual boxes were a modest $6.99 including delivery. About the price of a yogurt but way more exciting per snack.
I checked out the selection so I could deselect anything I didn’t want. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is walnuts so I searched “walnuts” and then indicated “trash” for these. Everything else in my queue currently says “try.”
I got my first graze delivery last week and was immediately pleased with the selection. Of course, I’m a sucker for packaging and having things delivered to me that others pick out (ahem, Stitch Fix) so I was especially pleased. And I am also a huge fan of that Christmas Morning Equivalent Experience, that you get when something is picked out for you by someone else (see my stitch fix posts for more on CMEE). Anyway, back to Graze. I couldn’t chow down on my snacks immediately because I had made myself roasted pumpkin seeds and mini omelets for snacks for that week so it took me some time to work through this box of four.
  • My Thai sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites. These were delicious and reminded me of those crunchy noodles and duck sauce that you get at Chinese restaurants. The sauce had a slightly spicier and more complex taste than duck sauce (I really had to hold myself back from getting all up in the sauce with my tongue once I finished the soy crisps). The soy crisps were really tasty! They were like a more crunchy and flavorful rice cake. The portion was surprisingly satisfying. I think there were about 6 crisps in there, and if I had an entire bag of them in front of me they would have been gone within 10 minutes so I’m thankful for the portion control aspect of Graze. This snack was only 80 calories and 1 gram of fat – perfect for someone trying to keep snacks under 100 calories. I shoot for around 150 calories for my snacks since I workout daily. So I just added an apple with this and felt perfectly satisfied until dinner.  All in all I rate My Thai– LOVE (highest rating on Graze’s four point scale).
  • Raspberry Coconut Muffin — amaretti drops, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes.  This one was a little tricky to eat by hand due to the little, delicate  shaved almonds and coconuts but that doesn’t change my feelings towards it. It was such a delicious and satisfying treat. Not going to lie when I saw that it was 140 calories and would be my entire snack for the afternoon, I was worried. But with two grams of fiber, no sodium, (and um, a whopping 8 grams of fat, likely from the almonds which are a fat burning, cholesterol-reducing source of protein) it actually was the perfect size. I guess it was the kick of protein from the almonds that really made this filling enough to hold me over through dinner. I was literally licking the container clean once I picked out all the big pieces. And the combination of dried raspberries and the little Amaretti nuggets was so indulgent and perfect for a little sweet snack. I think we have another LOVE here!!
  • Black pepper pistachios — roasted pistachios with black pepper.  This snack has 100 calories and a 10 (!) grams of fat (but super healthy fat since we’re doing nuts here. Pistachios are an excellent source of copper, manganese, and B6 and a good source of thiamin and phosphorus.) And, well, we had a little mishap here.  I was saving these in-the-shell pistachios to eat outside at my son’s soccer practice. When I got home from work the other day, my husband had eaten them (ARGH!) So, based on his review — they were perfectly delicious and filling.  He gave them a LOVE!!
  • Tutti frutti — blueberry infused cranberries, pineapple pieces, cherry infused raisins and green raisins. This snack had no protein in it so I planned to have a string cheese with it (which I actually forgot the day I planned to eat it). That said, even without the protein it was really satisfying and very tasty. It was like a grown up version of a box of raisins. The dried pineapple was a nice little treat although mine only has two (although large) pieces. The yellow raisins were plump and juicy.  In my typical diet, I usually skip dried fruit except maybe a tiny sprinkling in a salad due to its high calories (this snack had 110 calories, no fat, and 2g of fiber.) That said, this was a nice change from my typical nut based snacks. I rate this one a LIKE (second highest after love on the four point scale) since if I LOVE everything I sort of love nothing.
So all in all — I would say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Graze. I have another package waiting for me at the office and I can’t wait to explore it and tell you about it.  If you want to give Graze a try, check out the website ( and use my referral code (7KQVJ6RFP) to get your 1st and 5th delivery for free.

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