Month: January 2015

Belly Up to the Barre

Doing Barre classes 4 times a week for 4 weeks created surprising changes in my strength – both physical and mental strength.

Meal Prep: the picture book edition

After seeing my post, Meal Prep is the Key to Clean Eating Success, a friend asked for more details about HOW I do it (“it” being the process I follow to prep for a week’s worth of meals in a couple of hours). So I took some pictures of a recent meal prep session from Fresh Direct box to various stages of preparedness for eating or cooking during the week. Here it is!  My family loves grocery delivery day almost as much as Christmas morning! Seriously, my son runs around the house with cucumbers shouting “look everyone! we got cucumbers!!” Next, as I unpack everything and begin to put away the pantry and refrigerated items, I wash all produce. I use a giant bowl in the sink where I triple wash just about everything and set it out on towels to dry on the counter top. While each item soaks and dries, I prepare a list of my prep needs. This list may include breakfast, snack, or lunch items for the week as well as …