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Belly Up to the Barre

Doing Barre classes 4 times a week for 4 weeks created surprising changes in my strength – both physical and mental strength.

Doubling the Penny

Weekends, especially around the holidays, tend to take me off my routine which makes it harder to have the will power that I might have inĀ  my “normal” weekday life. Even though I’m a finance person by trade, I was first introduced to the concept of “doubling the penny” as an application I could use in my every day life in one of the first challenge groups I participated in with my coach, Jillian. The key question is: would you rather take the the sum of a penny doubled over 30 days or $1M? Of course the million dollars right? How can a penny possibly add up to anything significant in 30 days?! Check out this Bloomberg Video for the mathematical explanation, but the “answer” is that a penny doubled every day for 30 days becomes $10.7M on the 31st day. The overall idea is the fact that small incremental activities add up to big progress — even more so than the instant gratification of a one-time windfall. Mathematics aside, the big takeaway here is …