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Refined Palate, Relieved Scale

A sneak peek into my first week of the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse.

Protein is the Fit Mamma’s Best Friend

In all the years I spent dieting on weight watchers and counting points and calories, there was a little gem of knowledge I was missing from the calculation. Protein fills you up. Aside from the other benefits of lean protein (building muscle etc) the appetite suppression is a huge deal if you’re trying to lose weight.  Think about days when you feel like you’ve been eating all day but never quite satisfied. Those days for me used to happen when my protein was lacking. I might have a giant bowl of steel cut oatmeal but if it was made with almond milk (lower in calories but also lower in protein) how was I possibly starving by 10am? Protein. Or those days when I’d have three 100-calorie packs in the afternoon and still be hungry. That’s right, no protein. When I met with my nutritionist I couldn’t believe she was telling me to eat MORE and eat things that I like: eggs, nuts, cheese, yogurt, hummus!  She mentioned that a meal (or snack) without protein was …