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No Weakness Weekend

How to keep the weekend from getting in the way of your health and fitness goals. It IS possible!!

The inside scoop on the 3-Day Refresh

I have never done a cleanse before. The idea of not eating, losing weight only to bust up my metabolism and gain it right back seemed like a certain way to mess up the healthy fitness and eating habits I’ve worked so hard to adopt.  When I heard about Beachbody’s 3- Day Refresh and how it was specifically designed to keep your metabolism stable while cleansing your body of toxins and giving a fresh start /regular tune up  – it seemed like this could be the cleanse for me. I can’t describe the overall premise any better than Beachbody: The 3-Day Refresh is a scientifically designed program that helps you fast-track your weight loss, kick-start healthy eating, and get a clean break from bad nutrition habits. 3-Day Refresh is a simple, straightforward program that will help cleanse your body and improve the way you feel— without starving yourself. Unlike juice cleanses or liquid fasts which tend to be high in sugar and low in protein (leaving you feeling weak, hungry, and sluggish), this easy-to-follow program …

The Fit Mom’s Thanksgiving Approach

Planning ahead this holiday season is going to be the key to my success.  Thinking about potential pitfalls, I’ve developed a framework to insure minimal setbacks this holiday season. I’ve seen a lot of holiday survival posts for people who get stressed out over the holidays about spending time with annoying family members. I’m the opposite: I love my family, I love spending a few days together over a holiday weekend… That said, we have too much fun: about drinking and eating in particular. I guess I get so relaxed and feel like I’m “at home” I tend to let it all hang out (literally and figuratively). Not this year!! Thanksgiving food is not my jam. Luckily, I’ve never been a huge fan of the heavy rich + sweet flavors accompanied by days and days of thanksgiving leftovers. This usually surprises my friends who know that I love to cook (so how could I not love a holiday centered around cooking?), I love Autumn (so why don’t I get all excited about candied yams and …